Beloved Studios is a custom tattoo shop located on the corner of Snelling Ave. and Como Ave. in St. Paul, MN. We're here to provide a friendly safe environment and great custom tattoo work. Bring us your ideas and we'll transform them into a reality.


Tuesday - Friday Noon- 7pm
Saturday 11am - 6pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

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At Beloved Studios our clients will receive one on one personal attention. An artist will work with an individual in designing a unique and customized tattoo that is ideal for them. We strive to produce the finest work possible, pushing our capabilities to the maximum potential. We find quality customer satisfaction to be very rewarding and of utmost importance to us. Whether we are tattooing or working in other mediums, our mission is to keep evolving as artists and continuing to create to the best of our abilities.




This is a recent article about the shop in the Park Bugle.

Across the street, Beloved Tattoo, 1563 Como Ave., is going on nine years and two expansions during the same time period. Owner Brandon Heffron runs the shop with his wife, Karis, who heads the tattoo-removal business connected to the shop.

“People think it’s funny they are connected, but if you’re in the industry, it makes sense,” Heffron says. Many of the artists at the shop are booked as far as a year in advance, and it’s not uncommon for clients to fly in from across the country to get inked by some of the shop’s nationally recognized talent.

Heffron has witnessed the ongoing “mainstreaming” of tattoo culture firsthand over the last two decades. He continues to work to overcome the stigma of tattooing and sees the gap between the art world and the tattoo world narrowing.

“I’d like people to recognize it as an art form, rather than just tattooing,” he says.

To that end, Beloved Studios has become more than just another tattoo shop. Work from local artists is frequently displayed in the shop and a new gallery space allows them to host more formal art showings, Heffron says. There is a community art night the last Thursday of each month, and the shop hosts a block party with live music, local food and lots of art every year.

One person who admits to Beloved changing her perception of t attoos is right next door.

“They are fabulous people,” says Sheila Burns, who owns Bliss Yoga Studio, 1565 Como Ave. “They changed my mind about what I thought tattoos and tattoo artists were like.” 


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